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Mother's Day & Its History

Mother's Day & its History

On the second Sunday in May, children in the United States present something unique to their mother, regardless of age. This Mother day is a more specific day for children to show their gratitude to someone who has played their mother's role in their lives.

England is one of the first countries to set aside the day to remember mothers. In the eighteenth century when many people served to high-class people as employ, the second Sunday in May was set aside for them to go home and be with their mothers. While the industrial revolution has changed the pattern of labor and life, there has been a change in these customs, but in England still celebrates mothers on a particular day in March.

In the United States, Julia Ward Howe, a well-known writer and social reformer of the day, first introduced the idea of Mother's Day in 1872. However, the official day for honoring mothers initiated because of the patience and love of a daughter named Anna Jarvis. Anna's mother was a backbone to her family's tenacity while moving from West Virginia to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania following her father's pastor. As a child, Anna helped her mother with a garden filled with white carnations, which were mostly her mother's favorite flowers
Mother's Day in England, UK
Mother's Day in England, UK
On May 5, 1905, when her Mother left the world, Anna decided to honor her. She asked her minister of West Virginia church pastor to give her a sermon to remember her mother. The minister of the church decided that Anna's family attended in Philadelphia on the same Sunday also celebrated her mother and all the mothers of the world came through Mother's Day Special Occasion. Anna Jarvis began writing letters to Congress members asking them to separately set a day to appreciate their mother's love and hard work. In 1910, Governor of West Virginia proclaimed the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day.
Anna Jarvis - Mother's Day
Anna Jarvis - Mother's Day - Image Source
One year later, in all states, Mother's Day was commemorated, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson promulgated the national first day of Motherhood. On Mother's Day morning some children keep the tradition of taking breakfast on their mother's bed. You can also give your mother a present or pre-purchased gift. Adults also give their mother a card, a gift, or a flower including a red carnation, the official flower of Mother's Day. If your mother is already deceased, you will go to a grave with a white carnation or other herbs. Mother's Day is the busiest day for American restaurants in the year.

Countries Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 8 is Parent Day. It is the day to express gratitude to the parents who gave birth and raised their child. Have you heard about Parent's Day is only in Korea? In other countries, it is called Mother's Day rather than Parent's Day.
10th May 1908 - Mother Day
10th May 1908 - Mother Day
Mother’s Day initially started in the United States of America. An American woman named Anna Jarvis created Mother's Day to ease the sorrow of losing her mother. The Mother's Day event was first held on May 10, 1908. After which it was decided to celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May.

The country that celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May with the United States is Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Vietnam. Norway is celebrating Mother’s Day on second Sunday in February, Spain celebrating the first Sunday in May as its mother's day, and Korea designating May 8 as Mother's Day. England Celebrate Motherhood on a particular day in March. We are thankful to all countries for celebrating and expressing love for mothers.
12th May - Happy Mother's Day
12th May - Happy Mother's Day
This year Motherhood day is coming on May 12, 2019, Let us celebrate this event for our Mother's and praise the Motherhood love for all Moms.
The ways and dates of gratitude to each mother and father differ from country to country, but the most important thing is to convey your appreciation of your parents 'directly.'


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